Valentine's Day in Warsaw


Valentine's Day in Warsaw

February, so Valentine's Day and a difficult question that many people ask themselves: What to do in Warsaw on Valentine's Day? How to organize a perfect date or how to avoid meeting a crowd of lovers? We have an answer!

Polish is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world, so foreigners often have a problem with it. Fortunately, we have a great offer for people who are afraid of a language barrier in romantic situations. Sajlentines is a party where you can dance, have fun and don't worry that you can't hear what the company is saying to you. Probably nobody will say anything because everybody will have headphones to hear music. Simple?

Want to show your Valentine's date something she hasn't seen yet? Take her to the Copernicus Science Center for Space Valentine's Day. You will be able to go there for a walk on the moon or visit the most romantic corners of the Milky Way. Everything with moody music. Under these circumstances, you can tell someone that she is your star and you will not be laughed at.

Are you a new resident of Warsaw? Or maybe recently in Poland? Until recently, your main interest was to rent a flat in Warsaw, did you like Warsaw so much that you decided to stay here permanently? Valentine's Day can be combined with exploring the city and customs and it will be a great opportunity. You can also surprise a boyfriend or girlfriend pretty well! "Valentine's Day po Warsiasku" is a humorous event in the atmosphere of pre-war Warsaw. It's almost like dinner and a museum event at the same time. The food will be delicious, the music will definitely surprise you and you'll love the atmosphere. Try it! If you don't have anywhere to stay in the capital, just type in the search term "room for rent Warsaw" and choose a romantic accommodation for those in love. There are many special offers for 14th February.

You don't like the sweet atmosphere of the day? The Bardzo Bardzo club organizes Valentine's Day for "Fat, sad and lonely". You are not fat? It doesn't matter, someone will be fat for you. You can dress up, you can dance, you can tell someone about a broken heart. If you're looking for love, you can start looking at this party. It will definitely be funny!

You don't want a typical Valentine's party, but you want to have a nice Valentine's day? Take a walk to the famous inscription "I love Warsaw" in the city center. This inscription will become even more romantic on the occasion of Valentine's Day. It will be worth taking a picture of yourself there!

If you don't even know anyone with whom you would like to experience a romantic Valentine's Day, remember that these events are a great way to meet cool, young people in Warsaw and have a great time. If you like traditional solutions, we recommend cinemas and restaurants, just remember to make a reservation in advance. If you want to buy flowers, remember that there may already be a small selection in the evening! Have fun, whether Valentine's Day or completely non-romantic, solo, in a duo or in groups! And if you plan to fall in love this year, start by falling in love with Warsaw😊.