Valentine's Day in the Tri-City


Valentine's Day in the Tri-City

Valentine's Day in Gdansk, Gdynia or Sopot is a very difficult matter! The Tri-City also has a triple offer of Valentine's Day events. If someone wants to experience something really romantic or take a girl or boyfriend on a special date, they should start thinking about it now, because there are so many possibilities that they are dizzy!

Valentine's day in sport? Why not! On February 14, you can take your date to the swimming pool or gym, but you can also go to the Valentine's Day Nordic Walking Rally organized especially for that day. Jelitkowo Beach in Gdansk is always a romantic place, and on this day you also have the chance to have fun among sports enthusiasts.

Do you like Scandinavian style? Or maybe you come from Norway or Sweden and sometimes you like to feel at home? Valentine's day is a great excuse for this. Gård Taste Scandinavian is a unique Scandinavian interior, good food and live music. All this in Gdynia at ulica Washington. 19. Important - remember to reserve a table!

Do you want to spend Valentine's Day remarkably and elegantly? It's good because the Baltic Philharmonic and Tutti Entertainment present a unique artistic event - Love Story, or Valentine's Day at the Philharmonic! It is necessary to buy tickets, so it's better to hurry up. The best Polish voices on the stage and an excellent repertoire. During the concert, the most beautiful melodies will be heard: from beloved love scenes from movies, to opera arias, czardas, tango and known hits from the repertoire of stars such as Il Divo, Lou Reed, Riccardo Cocciante, Joe Davis, Willie Nelson and Zbigniew Wodecki. An ideal proposal for any music lover, regardless of the country he comes from.

You are not in a romantic mood? We also have an idea for you: The Anti-Valentine's Marathon is a special annual tradition of all viewers who love cinema strong impressions. Cinema3D in Gdańsk invites you to start at 22:00. During the marathon three unusual films will be presented: Joker, Birds of the Night and Suicide Squad. Important: movies without English subtitles.

There will be no language problems at Piwna Street in Gdańsk, at the Mono club. A great concert da Sonny Saname Matos - Cuban by origin, passionate by a Pole. As he says: in love with music. The concert starts at 20:30. Nos vemos!

Valentine's Day is associated with closeness, joy and pleasure in giving a loved one a special gift. On this occasion, as early as February 8, you will be able to buy unusual gifts during the Valentine's flea market at the Oliwa Town Hall of Culture. At the stands you will find everything that is associated with this holiday, i.e. clothes and footwear perfect for a date, facial accessories, books with love in the background, cosmetics, jewelry and watches, handicrafts, games for adults and many other, surprising articles. Start: 11:00.

If you are thinking about a traditional dinner or going to the cinema, remember to reserve your place in advance! On this day everyone will be looking for a nice space for themselves and their loved ones.

As you can see, there are plenty of suggestions for spending the day in love with the Tri-City and everyone will certainly be able to choose entertainment according to their own preferences. Because there are so many offers for Valentine's Day, it is worth staying at the seaside a bit longer, although at the weekend. In the search engine you can enter a password like "room for rent Gdańsk" to find a suitable place. Valentine's Day falls this year exactly on Friday, it is a perfect opportunity to visit Gdańsk. A room for a student can be found here at a really great price, thanks to which no one will go bankrupt through the feast of lovers.