Active autumn in Warsaw and Gdansk


Active autumn in Warsaw and Gdansk

We got used to the fact that in September the most famous premieres or at least their announcements always hit theaters, the theaters and student clubs returned to work, and TV stations launched new schedules. This year, everything is cut, which is felt even by Netflix viewers - many beloved series did not get to the next seasons due to the pandemic. Still, autumn is a time to spend well, maybe just more than usual about safety.

Are you renting a room in Warsaw or would you like to visit the capital in autumn? It's great because there will be plenty to do! First of all: everything indicates that the Warsaw Film Festival will be held in October - a cult item in the cultural calendar of not only Warsaw, but also Poland. The festival is scheduled for October 9-18, but the sale of tickets starts on October 1 and it is better to remember this date, because places will probably be more limited than usual. People who have decided to rent a room in Warsaw are real lucky people. After all, the best festival is so close.

Do you prefer outdoor activities while the weather is fine? It is not difficult in Warsaw. In September, you can still enjoy the charms of the Vistula River: canoeing, sailing, ship, boat. Keep an eye on the Vistula District Facebook profile - this is where announcements of interesting and often free events related to the river appear. A room in a student apartment is definitely your oasis, but maybe it is worth using a favorable aura instead of sitting in "four walls"?

Staying outdoors: the best food and most interesting culinary experience in Warsaw this fall is the Night Market. Every weekend you can use it to go to Berlin or Asia, but wherever your imagination takes you. The food and great atmosphere is almost like a real journey. There is a reason Market is located in the former train station. Keep an eye on the Market profile on FB, because the menu and timetable change every week.

Speaking of travel, maybe a trip to Tricity, as long as the weather is beautiful? Start by finding a room for a student in Gdańsk, take your friends or just comfortable shoes and experience the most beautiful autumn at the seaside. Shoes can be of special importance if you choose Gdańsk on October 9-11. The Amber Running Festival on the beach in Sobieszewo is planned for this weekend. This is an event for beginners, advanced players, families and children. Great fun is guaranteed, so now it's worth choosing a room for rent in Gdańsk, even for a few days!

If you choose Gdańsk, but you don't want to tire yourself too much, you should take your first steps to Elektryków Street - a unique place full of interesting events, good food and great people. Weekend plans for this place swell with attractions, so basically you can spend a few days there and not get bored. Just remember that to find a room for rent in Gdańsk, it is well connected with Elektryków Street.

If you come to the Tri-City from afar, you will surely be interested in learning about the history of the places you visit. It will be interesting! On September 11, a unique guided tour of the Gdynia Museum will take place - here you will find information and registration form. The museum is criminal for people who do not know Polish, so if you are an Erasmus student in the Tri-City, you will feel good there. It is worth following the website of the Gdynia Museum, because there are many interesting facts planned for the fall!

When planning your participation in sports or cultural events in Gdańsk or Warsaw, remember to check the restrictions on the organizer's website in advance. Often the number of places is smaller than usual, events are ticketed or require registration - it's better to know about this in advance to be sure you will get to the event. If no organized attraction appeals to you, you can always stay in a student room for rent, wrap yourself tightly in a blanket and spend the evening reading a book - in the fall this is a plan that works!