Catch your breath, but reasonable!


Catch your breath, but reasonable!

After weeks or even months of isolation, the limits are smaller. You can go to the hairdresser, to the cinema, to a party. What do you need to know about in the new reality?

Students life: parties, dating and various adventures had serious difficulties this spring. Not only were there no classes at the universities, but also juwenalia, concerts and festivals were canceled. Now that life is back to normal, it is important to be reasonable - after all, we all want to be safe. The increasing number of illnesses shows that we do not all know how to do it.

How to party when the virus is still between us? It is best to avoid large meetings, it is much better to invite your friend for a coffee to a place like a student room in Gdansk or Warsaw. However, the popular "house parties" should be replaced by open-air events. Students in Warsaw meet in parks, on Vistula river boulevards, in pubs and cafes' gardens. Young people in Gdansk have at their disposal the surrounding beaches, although since holidays began, it has become difficult to find a place for a blanket. That's why it's worth reminding: even when meeting outdoors, the crowd is not advisable now. It is better to see and talk to fewer people, but feel safe.

Are you a fan of the cinema and you missed the big screen the most? You could have made your dreams come true already in June in a studio cinema, but if you're a fan of really big screens, the waiting for a screening turned out to be longer: in early July Helios came back to work, then Cinema City. The cinemas take care of their safety - there are lines on the floor to help keep your distance, the rooms are disinfected. The viewers should also do their best: wear masks, don't make a crowd, remember all the sensible recommendations we learned during the isolation. The delayed return of multiplexes is due to shifts in world premieres of films. This means that less interesting repertoire is waiting in the cinema than usual. You can always spend time at home, after all the student rooms in Warsaw or Gdańsk are equipped with a TV set.

Fortunately, the theatres also started, but here too the pandemic left its mark. For example, at the Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk, you will be asked to leave your details so that the theatre can contact you if it turns out that participation in the play could be dangerous for you. This practice is common in other European countries, after all, it is better to be prepared for everything. No matter how much you like to dress elegantly in the theatre, remember about a mask or other form of covering your face. If you see a dispenser with disinfectant - and you see it for sure - don't hesitate to use it. Museums and galleries have opened up in the same way - you can visit them, but keep your distance and observe safety rules. As an additional security measure, it's always worthwhile to choose the not very popular hours - students in Warsaw and Gdansk should already have a session after a day, so they probably have time to visit such places during the day.

Apart from popular and high culture, we also have the prose of life and urban transport, which looks a bit different than before. In Warsaw buses, the driver is still separated from the passengers by additional tapes. On the doors of the vehicles hanging on the information about how many people can get inside - let's not hide, nobody especially counts how many passengers are in the bus or subway. Sometimes it is better to walk or avoid rush hours so as not to stand in the crowd. An important issue regarding urban transport in Warsaw: vending machines selling tickets at bus stops more often than usual have shortages. Once you find a vending machine where you can buy a ticket, make a stock up right away. This may not happen again soon😊.

What if you need a taxi? The popular FreeNow application, which works in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Gdynia, allows you to order a vehicle with a screen separating the passenger from the driver. Even without choosing this option you almost always find yourself on such a partition, more or less professionally made. As the company assures, the cars are disinfected, but it is still the most sensible not to touch the car interior too much. Due to the pandemic, the possibility of sharing the ride with other, foreign passengers is suspended.

Restaurants and cafes work, but there is a limit on the number of people inside, so it is good to choose those that have gardens or support your favourite places by buying take-away or delivery. As in any other case - remember about your safety and that of your friends from the student apartment. After all, you can also put them at risk with unreasonable behaviour. Hopefully, we will all live to see safer times in health!

However, let's remember that despite access to many attractions and places of entertainment, we still have to be very careful. Every day in Poland there is a growing number of people infected with COVID-19. But maybe the student rooms in Warsaw or another city are the safest option so far?