There is no boredom at home


There is no boredom at home

Cafes and restaurants are closed for almost a month, you can't go to the cinema or to a party. You can't meet other people than your roommates or work colleagues if you have to go to work. Now you know better than ever that it is good to live with a group of great people with whom there is no boredom,and there are no conflicts when you do not have the opportunity to relax from each other.

What can you do at home so that you not only get bored, but also spend your time in a useful way? Certainly, cooking is a good option, but that means going out and shopping. If your place is a student room in Warsaw, a student room in Gdansk or any other city, you know for sure that ordering purchases with home delivery is now very difficult, most often you have to wait a long time for such a service. Therefore, we do not recommend discovering culinary talent if it would force someone to leave the house to hunt for the necessary ingredients. Pasta with tomato sauce is also great😊 and you can easily cook it quickly in your own kitchen, all student rooms in Warsaw have one.

If you think the perfect time has come to watch all the outstanding series finally - we keep our fingers crossed for you. Remember to give your eyes a rest sometimes! We also recommend virtual tours. Many great cultural institutions have now released their resources for free. It is a real treat for all art lovers and those who want to get to know the city where they live even more - the room for erasmus in Warsaw can easily become a place of virtual trips to various parts of the capital.

If you are renting an erasmus room in Gdansk, you may be interested in nearby tourist attractions, which you can now view without leaving your home. We recommend the castle in Malbork - a magnificent building that the Teutonic Order began to build in 1280. On the website you can take a walk around the castle and around the city. Everything is unfortunately in Polish, but the service is rather intuitive and the pictures are impressive.

Virtual Wrocław is ready for English-speaking tourists. One of the most beautiful Polish cities can be viewed HERE. Great Theater in Warsaw has also prepared great material for tourists. There are several videos on the website. Beautiful animations that can have English subtitles - you only need to set "Napisy" and "Język - EN" in Options (top right corner).

Do you still have strength to explore? By renting student rooms in Warsaw or student rooms in Gdansk, you can now virtually explore the whole country and explore unusual places without leaving home. One of the many examples is the Wieliczka Salt Mine, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, has opened the Museum Route of the Krakow Saltworks Museum - you can take a walk underground, just click HERE (not much text, so you don't need to know Polish).

The advantage of virtual tours is that you can be anywhere without moving from your apartment. For students in Gdańsk or Warsaw, among others, The British Museum or National Gallery of Art in Washington is open. For online visitors is waiting Cheops pyramid, Taj Mahal and Musée d'Orsay. It's worth it: there are no queues, no legs hurt, and you can eat during the trip😊.

If eating during this isolation happens far too often, remember that you can work out with various athletes and trainers who have prepared online trainings. For a good start, we recommend mind training and meditation exercises. Maybe they will help you train your willpower so you don't walk too often in the fridge - it's not virtual😉.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.