Summer 2020 in Poland


Summer 2020 in Poland

The year 2020 is something that is unknown and it is difficult to plan something. We follow the reports of politicians and experts for you. On this basis, we carefully assume that it's better to forget about foreign trips this year, but during the holidays you will be able to travel around Poland on a tourist basis. This is good news and bad at the same time: finding a place where there will be no crowds will be very difficult. Of course, we will try to help you with this. Below you will find ideas for shorter and longer holidays in Poland in 2020.

If you are renting a flat or a room for a student in Warsaw, during the holidays you probably would like to be in the bosom of nature and play sports outdoors. The Hel Peninsula is a great place to learn windsurfing or kitesurfing, especially in the Chałupy area there are plenty of schools. There are fabulously long beaches between Jurata and Hel - this is a great location for those whose permanent residence is Gdańsk, the student room in this city is a great starting point, because the Peninsula will be reached in just over an hour. Unfortunately, such places may be even more crowded than usually this year. For those who just want to go to the sea and take a walk on the beach, we suggest staying away from holiday resorts. If it is crowded in Łeba, maybe Sasino or Lubiatowo? It is worth driving along the coast, paying attention to small towns and even tiny villages, because there may be a chance to breath. Of course, you still need to look at home and online, because the spontaneous search for accommodation can be disappointing at the peak of the season!

If you study, work or simply with a group of friends rent rooms for students in Gdansk, you may be interested in traveling in any direction other than the sea. Perhaps Podlasie? It is an ideal direction for those who love long walks, bike trips, closeness to nature or just slow life. Worth visiting is the Białowieża Forest, which impresses at any time of the year, but in the summer bloom makes the biggest impression. Supraśl is also worth recommending - a charming town on a vast clearing in the Knyszyńska Forest. It has a great microclimate - it is a spa town. In Podlasie, there are a lot of interesting festivals and cultural events that we don't expect this year, so maybe it will be less crowded than usual. It is a perfect proposition for everyone who rents an erasmus room in Gdańsk or an erasmus room in Warsaw to get to know the most beautiful corners of our country.
We don't know if such attractions will be available this year, but just in case we will tell you about it, because it is worth it. If you have a close-knit group of friends, for example people with whom you rent student rooms in Warsaw and you want to travel together, it is worth considering kayaking. One of the most popular canoeing routes in Poland is the one leading from Sorkwity to Ruciane-Nida, on the Krutynia River. It has 102 kilometers, so it is usually sailed in 10-12 days. You can sleep in tents, at the hosts, in agritourism farms. Rafting is a great opportunity to observe the amazing Masurian nature, especially birds! A short trip to Masuria is also a great offer for those who rent student rooms in Gdansk, at least because of the short distance.

And if so in advance? If you know at least Zakopane or Karpacz, remember to avoid these places during the holiday season. It can be really crowded! It is worth looking for a room for rent in the vicinity of Rabka - it is the so-called Beskid Wyspowy, Kłodzka - it is the area of the Table Mountains, or visit the little-known Ciężkowice. As soon as you check on the internet what the pictures of these areas look like, you will want to go. Looking for unpopular and low-crowded places, it is worth visiting - it is a great base of unique beds in Poland.
Why not go against the tide and look for a room in Warsaw during the holiday season? Such a city break can also be a chance to escape from the crowds, Warsaw during holidays usually depletes significantly. We don't know if museums will be open yet, but walks on the historic streets, parks and the Vistula are a good away destination. If you are only going to the capital during the holidays, remember to look at our website - maybe we will have some attractive accommodation in Warsaw for you. The same applies to Gdansk: it is a beautiful city in a great location and a little less popular on holidays than Łeba or Hel. Be sure to check out our search engine. Visiting the most beautiful cities in the summer is a beautiful study of history, which will be useful to the young generation who rent a room for a student in Gdansk on a daily basis. After all, apart from the Tri-City, we have something to boast about.

Regardless of the direction you choose, remember: safety first! Monitor recommendations, plan trips only when it is clearly stated that you can. Use preventive measures such as masks. If so, keep your distance. The most important thing is that we are healthy, even if it means spending holidays in the place of residence, which are rooms for students in Warsaw or Gdansk. Let's hope we make up for the next year.