Time for change


Time for change

September is usually a period of increased traffic on the flat and room rental market. This may discourage many from looking: because there is a lot of competition, because ads appear and disappear so quickly. This year, however, everything is different and the situation is much calmer than in previous years. Maybe it is worth looking around for a new apartment?

When the virus suddenly and unexpectedly stopped you at home this spring, you most likely began to take a closer look at your surroundings. Maybe you've discovered that you don't have the conditions to study and work in your rented room, maybe your roommates turned out to be less cool than you previously thought. Then things got better, you started going out, hanging out with your friends and you stopped worrying so much about the aspects of the apartment that made you angry a few months ago, right? Unfortunately, autumn, and later winter, may bring new restrictions. 
The weather will encourage you to stay indoors, too, so try to make it a better home than in spring.

If a room in a student apartment, studio apartment or even a flat with several rooms does not fulfill its role or is not as comfortable as you expect, it is easy to decide to change and start looking. But what if you think everything is ok and you don't need a new place? There is a possibility that you are just used to a far-from-ideal situation. Maybe the bed was uncomfortable at first, and then you learned to sleep in it, maybe it irritated you that the kitchen is not functional, but after a year you can make dinner in it. You can get used to everything, but do you have to? Maybe it is worth taking care of yourself and looking for the best living conditions, not just bearable? Additionally, the change is supported by the fact that a new place, a new neighborhood, new flatmates and a route to work or university is a great stimulation of the brain, which will get a lot of new stimuli, and this is what it likes the most!

If you already know it's time to change, we have some tips for you. First, where to look for a new apartment? On large advertising portals in every major city, on Facebook groups, you can find ads such as "apartment for rent for a student in Gdańsk", "room for rent in Warsaw" or "I will rent a room in Warsaw". This is usually information from apartment owners or rental agents. This does not have to be bad news, but maybe - the realtors will most likely want a commission from you, which means you will have additional costs related to the change of the apartment, and the owners will avoid official formalities so as not to pay income tax. Advertisements can be turned up to find a tenant for the room: fictitious photos, understated price (e.g. no information about paying for utilities), hidden flaws and problems.

Remember that someone who rents a room for a student or a student flat in Warsaw or another city cannot treat you lightly. You need an official lease agreement, you have the right to know if the person who makes the room available to you is the owner of the apartment or a person with valid authorization - otherwise you may find yourself in trouble. Fees, rent, deposit - before you rent a room or flat, you need to know how much it will cost you per month. All of these you can ask and you must get an answer. What if you are a foreigner? Don't sign anything if you don't understand the content. Translate the contract or ask a Polish friend for support.

If the change of the flat is to be a change for the better, and your goal this time is micro-apartments in Gdańsk or in the capital, this should go smoothly and without any problems. When looking for an apartment for rent, it is good to start cooperation with a company that guarantees clear rules of cooperation, clear payments, and a comprehensive contract. The apartment should be in a well-connected area, but also close to nature - near a forest or park. This year, probably everyone has understood that contact with nature is priceless. Before you decide to view a room for rent in Warsaw or any other city, check on the map where the apartment is located, how you will have to commute to work or the university, but also if there are any attractive places for walking or cycling nearby. On our website, for example, you will find a map where you can find out where the building is located. It's a waste of your time looking for apartments in a poor neighborhood! It is also a waste of time for long formalities, asking questions about basic matters and looking for potential pitfalls. If you want to see what a well-structured advertisement for a room for rent in Gdańsk or Warsaw looks like, check our offer. We prove that all information can be put online, just like a fast and secure rental process. After all, changing the apartment is about making it better and easier for you, right from the start!