Winter date in Tri-city


Winter date in Tri-city

Winter date in the Tri-City

Skates, a walk under holiday lights - even when there is no snow, in the Tri-City you can enjoy typical winter attractions, which are really conducive to romantic meetings. If you are wondering whether something interesting is going on in Gdańsk, Gdynia or Sopot, worth showing to guests or visiting with a girlfriend or boyfriend, we have some hints!

If you have just arrived in Gdańsk or Gdynia to study or work, a walk on the beach is definitely an attraction for you. In winter, you should not give up on it - it is still beautiful, and the more stormy, the more iodine in the air, the inhalation of which is good for health. Regardless of what happens in the weather, you can also use the city attractions prepared for the winter season 2019/2020 until the end of January. Maybe there is no snow, but it gets dark early, and that's a good beginning!

For lovers of peaceful pleasures, a good idea is a walk around the Oliwa Park in Gdansk. From December 1 to February 2, plants and infrastructure along the main avenues are magically highlighted. Figures appeared, LED gates and lanterns like from a fairy tale. Admission to the park is free and the temperatures are high enough to hold hands without gloves:).

Gdynia also has special lights this year. Dar Pomorza came to the port - a sailing ship, which is a showcase and the biggest attraction of Gdynia. This year it is illuminated by a soft bright light that allows you to see the details of the ship. However, this color is not permanent! White and red illumination is reserved for public holidays, and white and blue for city holidays. The ship will shine pink on Breast Cancer Day, and blue on autism spectrum support day. For Arka-Gdynia matches, the sailing ship will glow yellow and blue. Unfortunately, no special color was provided for the sessions at Tri-City universities. It is worth going to the port of Gdynia more than once and compare how different the Dar Pomorza looks depending on the illumination.

If you prefer an active leisure, in winter ice skates work best. Ice rinks in the Tri-City will be open even in March! You must be close to one. Playing together on ice is the perfect patent for a successful date or a meeting with friends.

The most romantic date idea in Sopot at the moment - an ice rink with a sea view! This is probably the best ice rink in Poland. It is located on the main square of the Skwer Kuracyjny on the Sopot Pier, in the vicinity of the new Dom Zdrojowy and the Sheraton Hotel. Admission costs PLN 5 during the week and PLN 8 during the weekend - this will not ruin your student budget. Ice skates can be rented on site.

You can also go ice skating in Gdansk. Not so spectacular, but safer - the indoor ice rink is more resistant to weather changes. At Hala Olivia, ice skating enthusiasts can go crazy on weekends from 10:30. The admission ticket costs PLN 15, but you can buy more favorable passes.
In Gdynia, we recommend the ice rink at 33 Bema Street. It is open all week, but is often occupied by schools or organized groups - it is worth checking the schedule on the website so that you do not get disappointed.
For active people and for those who are looking for relaxation and beautiful views - Tri-City has something for everyone. For a date and a trip with friends, for a student pocket and at convenient dates - you will find something for yourself😊.

Photo by Thomas Laukat from Pexels