Women's Day 2020 in Gdansk


Women's Day 2020 in Gdansk

The symbol of Gdańsk is Neptune, king of the seas, but on March 8 women are taken over by the city. For over a hundred years, women have had their day when they get flowers, sweets and gifts. This year's women's festival falls on Sunday, so we have all day to celebrate. What can you do on this special Sunday in Gdansk?

Women's Day was founded on a revolutionary and feminist basis, so a good idea to celebrate it is to participate in the Tri-City Manifa. For sixteen years now, women in Gdańsk have been organizing such a march, this year under the slogan "Women and Earth have too much to bear". He certainly takes in it a lot of ladies who every day rent a room for a student in Gdansk. This means that this year, apart from paying attention to the situation of women, the issue of climate problems will be important, and conscious young people, just students, are involved in their solution. Start: 14:00, Neptune fountain, Długi Targ. The event is scheduled for two hours, so it's worth remembering about it, even if you do not plan to participate - it can cause communication difficulties.

If you like gatherings, but of a different kind, you can choose from many events throughout the weekend. Especially on Friday and Saturday there will be club events dedicated to women. Miasto Aniołów (Gdańsk, Chmielna) is preparing a Girls Night Out party. All ladies enter for free until 23:00, and the first 100 will get a flower! It is a real treat for those who are on student exchanges and rent a room for Erasmus in Gdansk. Such an event is a great opportunity to meet new friends.

Since March 8 fell this year on Sunday, you can think of different events - there is enough time for everything. So you can go dancing on Friday, dinner on Saturday (remember to book a table!), And on Sunday to Hotel Business Faltom (Gdynia, Morska 362) for Women's Day in the AQUA Zone. The event will last from 17:00 to 20:00. The plan includes a sauna, steam room, breathing exercises and much, much more. Note, this event is only for ladies, so you can present a ticket to your favorite woman (PLN 60), but you will not accompany her anymore. You can find more information HERE, unfortunately only in Polish. We are sure that every lady deserves a large dose of rest and relaxation, especially students, for whom student rooms in Gdansk are a daily apartment, and each day they endure the hardships of studying at the university.

If you do not want to go out, you can also spend time at home, after all, rooms for students in Gdańsk create optimal conditions for this. Cooking together, watching a movie, board games - it's worth planning something special. Such an emergency home plan may be useful - weather forecasts unfortunately announce rain on Sunday.

It is worth remembering that Women's Day is very popular in Poland, women often get flowers at work, for example. This means that it is good to remember not only about your girlfriend, but also about other ladies, for example friends who are renting a flat or a room for a student in Gdańsk, friends from college and other friends. Gifts are not necessary, but wishes are well appreciated - after all, memory counts.

Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot are great places to visit, walk and spend time in charming pubs. Therefore, the Tri-City is a good idea for a weekend for people from other parts of Poland. All you need to do is find a cozy room for rent, take your favorite woman and comfortable shoes, and then set off to conquer the city, and even three immediately!