Women's Day 2020 in Warsaw


Women's Day 2020 in Warsaw

Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 almost all over the world. In Italy, women are given branches of silver acacia. Silvery acacias and chocolate are also the most common gift in Russia. In Portugal and Romania, groups of women often celebrate the night of March 8 at lunches and parties "only for women". What does it look like in Poland and what can you do in Warsaw on that day?

Decades ago, Women's Day was an opportunity for ladies to buy or get such luxury items as towels and tights at that time. Handing flowers: carnations or tulips was also popular. The habit of giving flowers as a gift is still valid. Flowers, still popular tulips, are often handed out in companies. Important information for men: you may have serious problems if you forget about a flower for your girlfriend that day. Instead of a flower, sweets and small presents are also well seen. The only thing you must not do is forget about this holiday! It is also appreciated to celebrate friends with whom you rent student rooms in Warsaw.

If you think that a flower is not enough, you can think about other attractions. Women's Day 2020 falls on Sunday, so it's worth leaving the house that day. Everyone for whom everyday student room in Warsaw has a huge selection of special attractions that the capital serves on that day. Where can you go For example, to the Palace of Culture and Science, where the Vege Festival will take place. From 12:00 to 19:00 you will find great food from around the world, natural cosmetics, clothes and lots of curiosities. Just as it is popular in Poland to celebrate Women's Day, so is the saying "through the stomach to the heart". Why not combine these two matters?

If you would like to buy something more serious than a flower, but you have no idea for a gift, you can take your favorite woman to Prague, to the Koneser Center, where the I'm Slow fair will take place. The fair starts on Saturday, so you can go there alone to have a gift ready for handing on Sunday. What can you buy there? Everything that you associate with fashion and ecology: clothes, jewelry, gadgets, cosmetics. This is an excellent option for those who rent rooms for students in Warsaw, in this part of the city.

This Sunday, the XXI manif will pass through the center of the capital, next to the best locations where there is more than one room for Erasmus in Warsaw. It is a women's march that will take place this year under the slogan "Feminism for the climate". If you are feminists or you are seriously concerned about the climate crisis (or both are important to you at the same time) - you cannot miss it. If you are not interested in participating in the demonstration, remember about it and check what obstacles will cause. Manifa starts at 14:00.

A nice idea to spend this Sunday is a concert combined with good food. Hala Koszyki has such a plan for Women's Day. The music will accompany you there from 12:00 to 20:00. Cinemas and theaters are also a safe solution. Certainly, every woman likes cultural entertainment and everyone who rents a room for a student in Warsaw certainly has knowledge about favorite, atmospheric places where the chosen one loves to spend time!

And if you don't feel like leaving your home? It is not excluded, the weather forecast predicts rain on Sunday. Fortunately, you can also sacrifice at home! How about doing something good to eat and watching a movie? We think it's a great plan.


Photo by Rosie Ann from Pexels