• What is Room Rent?

    Room Rent is a network of unique apartments. We rent rooms and small apartments. Our clients are mostly students from abroad and people who come to Poland for contracts, because our offer best suits their needs. Our rooms and flats are comprehensively equipped places that can be called home. We make sure that residents who come to us from afar do not have to lose space in the luggage for the equipment for the apartment. They also do not have to start living in a new city with great shopping. We make sure that the relocation occurs naturally and without stress.

  • Will anyone control what is going on in the apartment I live in?

    We want the place to be friendly for the tenant without unnecessary tensions and embarrassing situations. But for the same reasons, our employee will from time to time check the technical condition of the equipment and cleanliness in the common areas of the apartment (without entering the rooms). He will inform tenants by e-mail in advance about his visit to the apartment. It will be an opportunity for you to report deficiencies in equipment or the need for repairs.

  • In what cities does Room Rent operate?

    You can find us in Warsaw and Gdansk.

  • Are there pots, cutlery and plates in the kitchen?

    Yes, the kitchen is completely equipped.

  • My contract ends. What does the moving out process look like?

    An apartment caretaker will contact you in advance to arrange the date and time of moving out. When moving out, in your presence, the room will be checked for possible defects and damage, and the condition of the room will be confirmed by a written protocol.

  • Who can rent a room through Room Rent

    Everyone who wants to live in a unique place and values ​​comfort.

  • What is a summer holiday price?

    The summer holiday price is the price that applies in the period July-August. The holiday price shows how much you will pay for the rental by living in these months. It doesn't matter when you make the booking.

  • Is there internet in the flat?

    Yes, there is internet and WIFI in the flat. Internet use is free of charge.

  • What should I do to rent a room?

    Find a room or an apartment on our website and check if it is available for the dates you are interested in. If so, book it. After a while, you will receive an e-mail with booking confirmation and payment information. As soon as you pay, your accommodation will be 100% certain. We are waiting for you:)

  • Will I get my deposit back after the end of the rent contract?

    If you do not destroy the rented room or the equipment available there and you will leave the room in the order you found it your deposit will be returned to you in full.

  • Is there linen and towels in a room?

    For an additional fee we provide a set of bed linen and towels. You can decide to use this option during the booking process.

  • How long is a room booking valid?

    A reserved room is waiting for you right on the specified date. Remember, however, that only payment in the amount specified in the booking form means the end of the booking procedure and renting the room within the specified time.

  • Does the room price include equipment?

    Yes, the apartment is equipped with everything you need to live, cook and relax peacefully. However, remember that the rooms are not equipped with such accessories as bedding, quilt, pillow. Of course, we can provide you with such equipment, but for an additional one-off payment provided during the booking process. The rest of the equipment is in place and you do not pay extra for it.

  • Can I smoke in my room?

    No, smoking is not allowed in the room / apartment and common areas. We care for the health of our residents.

  • How long can I rent a room for?

    We prefer renting for a period of 9-12 months, but we are open to your needs and to talk about shorter or longer room renting time. If you need a place for shorter time, please contact us using the contact form.

  • Are there any additional fees?

    Every month you pay a fixed fee for utilities: water, electricity, gas, high-speed Internet. Its amount is given in the announcement. These are the only additional fees.

  • Can anyone spend the night at my place?

    Visits during the day are possible, but staying a non-tenant for a night is not allowed. There are of course random cases and situations when it is necessary, but in this case we need to know about it before a stranger sleeps in the room.

  • Can I rent a room with a friend?

    In the description of each room there is information whether it is a single or double room. Single rooms prevail.

  • How much do I have to pay to rent/book a room?

    Each offer of a room includes a price - monthly cost of rent. In addition to the price of the room you need to add a utilities charge, which is also stated in a room advert. The money transfer you need to make to rent a room is the same as the monthly rental cost plus utilities charge (this payment covers first month of your stay in the room). It can also be higher if you decide on additional services that you choose during the booking process. This additional service is the option of ordering a complete set of bed linen, duvets, pillows and towels for a one off payment stated in a room advert.

  • When should I pay the rent?

    The monthly rent must be paid by the 3rd day of the month in advance for the given month.

  • Can I have my own fridge or coffee maker in the room?

    Yes, but please note that we do not provide additional equipment. If you choose to have any additional equipment in the room, it will be at your expense.

  • How can I pay for my room?

    At the end of the booking process you will be directed to the Payu website, which will allow you to make payments in any form you like. As a reminder, when booking the room you pay one month's rent and a fee for utilities, which covers the first month of your stay in the room.

  • I paid for the room, what next?

    Thank you for the payment! Now wait for confirmation emails and all information.

  • What happens if I lose my keys?

    In this case, please contact the caretaker. We try to solve such situations without undue delay.

  • Do I pay a commission for or any additional charges when i book the room?

    No, you don't pay any commission or additional fees all you pay is the charges you see during the booking process. Thanks to this, our offer is beneficial for you.

  • I have booked a room but I want to change dates. How to do it?

    In this case, please contact us by email. We consider each case individually and try to adapt to your needs.

  • Who should I contact in case of problems?

    After entering you will receive welcome mail with the most important information useful during your stay in the apartment. There will also be contact details for the person who will be the guardian of the apartment. This is a person who should be contacted in case of problems, questions or suggestions.

  • Is a deposit added to the room price? If so, when is it paid?

    The deposit is paid by the tenant at the time of signing the contract on the day you take over the room. The deposit can be paid in cash or by bank transfer.

  • My plan has changed, I have to give up my room before the end of the rental period. What do we do?

    In this case, you should find in your place a person who will sign the contract on the same terms as you. After signing the contract with a new tenant, we terminate the contract by mutual agreement.

  • I want to move in. How is this organized?

    Tell us the date and time of arrival, there will be a person waiting for you who will help you move into the room, and will sign a lease agreement with you.