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There are many advertisements on the Internet such as "flat for rent for a student in Gdańsk" or "rooms for students, Warsaw". However, how do you know if this is a room for rent ideal for you or someone is not trying to cheat you? The rental market in Poland has its dark sides and many people looking for a room for Erasmus have already had serious problems. If you want a student room in Gdansk or an independent apartment in another place become your asylum, please note a few things.

Location. It is important that you have easy access to work or to college from your new home. You can check it already at the stage of browsing ads. Those with very general address details such as "near a metro station" may be on poorly connected peripherals. The capital city occupies a really large territory, and the apartment for rent in Warsaw is not always in a location with great infrastructure. Before you go to see the apartment, check the address and access to places that you will often visit. On our website, each ad is accompanied by the exact address and map from which you will find out where the student room for rent is interesting to you.

Pictures. The advertisement says: "beautiful rooms for students in Gdańsk", but there are no pictures? Be careful - the flat is probably neglected. Look at the offers with rooms for rent Gdansk on our site - full photographic documentation of the room and common areas, so you know what you are choosing.

Viewing fees. If someone wants money for showing an apartment or a room or if they want an advance claiming that they have many takers and in this way you will have a better chance - give up. Such practices are unfair. Even if you rent a room for a student in Gdańsk in this way, there may be more unfair surprises.

Agreement. If your plan is a room for rent for a student in Warsaw or an apartment, and someone wants to rent such a property to you without a contract - run away. A contract is a document in which all the most important matters for you must be described, mainly regarding payments, terms and conditions. You have the right to get the contract earlier, translate it, consult with someone close. If you are meeting a private person who does not want to say or show documents confirming that they have the right to enter into a contract with you, you may be talking to a cheater. Room Rent has contracts with apartment owners that guarantee your interests.

Equipment. Before you rent a room, studio flat or an apartment for Erasmus, ask for equipment. It may turn out that the moment you watch the flat, it is full of your predecessors' things, and you move into a room where there will not even be a bed, let alone bedding. It is convenient to rent a room furnished and equipped so as not to have unnecessary large expenses in a new place. Room Rent rents apartments for students with full equipment. For an additional fee we will also take care of bedding.
Charges. Before Gdansk's room for rent is yours, you need to know how much it will cost you monthly. Sometimes ads attract an attractive amount, and then it turns out that you have to pay much more, because there are bills that no one has warned you about. Before you decide to rent, ask what the billing issue looks like, how much you will pay monthly and for what. It is important that the payment dates are also specified.

Deposit. Do not be afraid of renting with a deposit - it protects the interests of the owner of the apartment, but also yours. If something is destroyed during your stay, you will not have to wonder where to get the money to cover the damage. Talk about repairs: you need to know who cares about the technical condition of the apartment. You may find that you have to deal with everything yourself. This usually happens when you rent from a private person - the owner will care about his own great peace, not yours.

Trust the professionals. When looking for a room to rent, it's worth relying on the help of companies that operate in an open and professional manner. Room Rent guarantees you clear rules of cooperation, clear payments, a comprehensive contract. We operate in Warsaw, where the rental market is the largest and thus the most dangerous. We rent rooms to students in Gdańsk, where the real estate market is a bit smaller, but there are also many dishonest people or fictitious brokers. We hear about unfair practices from those who rent rooms with us from Erasmus, so look for yourself when looking for a room or a flat!
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of room, studio flat and apartment rental in Warsaw and Gdansk - a guarantee of security and professionalism.